PET Bottle Washing Line

PET Bottle Washing Line



PET Bottle Recycle Line & PET bottle washing line maybe consist of:

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1. Bale breaker: For debale the baled PET bottles
2. Belt conveyor: Transport materials
3. Pre-washer: to separate foreign material such as glass, metal and stones.
4. Label remover: for separating the labels and other loose and foreign materials
5. Screw feeder: Transport materials as well as rub them for surface clean
6. Metal detector bridge: For detection of NE metal and protect the granulator and washing components
7. Separation table: For separate the foreign materials manually
8. Crusher: Crush the materials to flakes of 15mm (two series: one for PET, one for PP/PE)
9.Hot washer: clean the materials in hot water, sometimes with some chemicals
10. Poaching tank: For separation of the flakes with a specific density of <1g/cbm from >1g/cbm or in contrast to separate the flakes with a specific of > 1g/cbm form <1g/cbm ( PET >1g/cbm and PP/PE <1g/cbm )
11. Friction washer: Surface clean the materials ( two series: one for PET, one for PP/PE)
12. Dewatering machine:
for mechanical surface drying of the material flakes with rotating roller ( two series: one for PET, one for PP/PE)

Blowing and drying system:
1. For discharging and transporting the material from the dryer 2. For final drying of the material to the necessary residual level for down stream material processing
Cyclone silo:
1. for separation of dust and fine material to achieve a better quality final product
2.Storagefor the final products

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