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FOR SALE                                      (ETI# 29.000) 

ALCOA JETFLOW Cap Blowers - Two in stock ... one large, which holds 20 boxes of caps and one standard.

FOWLER Waterfall Cap Sorters - Dual sided, runs 26.8mm flat and sport caps. Two available.

SWF Tray Formers - Models 1T6 & TF600V, both equipped with Nordson 3500 hot glue systems, A-B MicroLogix processors, OEM rated up to 35 TPM. One of each model.

HARTNESS Tray Former - Model TF-50, equipped with Nordson 3400 hot glue system, OEM rated up to 50 TPM.

SWF Case/Tray Turner - Model 85T-LH, cycles up to 60 CPM.

EVANS Cooling Tunnel - 10'W x 40'L, stainless steel, plastic mat top conveyor belt, 4-zones, exhaust vent, discharge air knife.

I&H Cooling Tunnel - 12'W x 96'L, stainless steel, plastic mat top conveyor belt, 5-zones, exhaust vents, discharge air knife.

AMBEC Accumulation Table - 4'W x 12'L, bi-directional, stainless steel, center drive, plastic mat top conveyor bed.

AMBEC Accumulation Table - 8'W x 20'L, bi-directional, stainless steel, center drive, plastic mat top conveyor bed.

BELCOR Case Sealers - Model 270, top & bottom sealing, Nordson 3400 hot glue units, rated to 25 CPM, very compact footprint.

McDOWELL Case Erectors - Model 201, erects and hot glue bottom sealing, Nordson 2302 hot glue units. Three available.

ALVEY Case Palletizer - Model 680, low level infeed, set for 48" x 40" pallet size, OEM rated to 40 CPM.

PRIORITY ONE Case Palletizers - Model PROPAL 3500, set for 48" x 40" pallet size, low level infeed, OEM rated to 35 CPM. Two available.

HYTROL Case Conveyor - 500 feet available, including straight live roller, 90 deg. turns, belt incline and declines, etc. Excellent condition. call for a detailed breakdown.

CREPACO Liquifier High Shear Mix Tank - Model LIQUIVERTER, 500 gallon capacity, cylindrical, 75 PSI jacket, 30 HP.

OSMONICS Ozone Generator - Model SP03 (OREC SP Series).

MILLIPORE Filter Housings - Two 80 cartridge, 1 micron water filters, stainless steel. Two available.

TERR-AQUA Hepa Filters - 5 HP, stainless steel. Two available.


Empaque:                                                (ETI #13000)                                       

3—Federal 26-6 gallon fillers
1—Complete soft drink bottling line at 400 BPM
1—Complete 1 & 2.5 Gallon water bottling line
3—11,500 gal stainless single wall holding tanks 10' x 20'
3—Alvey 800 high level palletizers, excellent condition
2—Moen “H” Bliss box formers
2—Moen  Lidders for the “H” bliss box
1—Loveshaw CF40T case erector bottom taper
1—Hartness 825 drop packer in stainless. AB PLC
1—Hamrick 360D drop packer with auto lane diverter
1—SWF 1T6 tray former in good condition, missing tank
1—SWF  1T6K tray former w/ quick size change option
1—SWF 1T4K tray former w/ quick size change option
2— Viltner 100hp ammonia compressors
2—Padlocker TF-6 mechanical tray formers w/Nordsons
2—Padlocker CF109 case erectors, tape & hot melt
1—Arpac 108D-50 dual lane bundler for multi-packs
1—Arpac 105-TW-24 inline shrink wrapper
1—Arpac 55-28 inline shrink wrapper
1—Besler shrink tunnel 18-8 in good condition
1—Elliott 85AT top & bottom auto case taper
1—Standard Knapp 457 top case sealer with Nordson
1—Pace M600 unscrambler up to 350 BPM
3—Southern Packaging TE700 tray former with Nordson
1—Southern Packaging CE900 case former with Nordson
2—Standard Knapp 930 drop packers last on bottled water
1—New England bottle unscrambler last on PET water bottles

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