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Nuestra linea de decorado incluye:

  • Equipos para decoracion.
  • Etiquetas In-mold para el proceso de inyeccion y soplado de plastico.
  • Etiquetas Auto-adhesivas.
  • Heat Transfers.




IDEAL PARA DECORAR BALDES INDUSTRIALES de 1 a 5  Galones. con  LOGOS,  LETREROS  o  ARTES COLORIDAS.   Modelo ETI-4C-OFFSET - Con  Velocidad de 1200 Baldes / Hora.-Cargado automatico de baldes-Pre-Flameado automatico-Secado automatico con UV.-Entrega de baldes automatico, parados de banda.

 Price Ex-Works Shanghai, China….....…..US$170,000

I General technical requirements

1.     Product specification
This type is the latest model printing machine, overprinting four color designs with mesh point above a hundred lines at a time. It is suitable for printing colorful pictures, letters and brands on the surface of circular cone plastic barrel container.
2.     Printing diameter
The mode for 3 pieces   ø160mm ~ ø 220mm
The mode for 1 piece    ø160mm ~ ø 310mm
3.     Maximum printing height:    288mm
4.     Bevel of barrel:   12º
5.     Maximum diameter of barrel rim: Ø368mm
6.     Height of barrel:   Between 150~380mm
7.     Maximum printing speed: 1200 parts per hour
8.     Total output: 18.6kw
9.     machine dimension:    5700×4700×2650mm

II General Structure requirements

1.     Automatic feed horizontally.
2.     Corona treating is applied on the surface; it can also be fixed with static eliminating equipment.
3.     When 3 pieces shift rubber turning to 1 piece, just press the button to change driving velocity.
4.     Each printing unit is controlled by independent motor, and ink density is regulated conveniently.
5.     This machine is furnished with inker up and down, it is credible to daub and control, right angle when opened.
6.     This machine is equipped with special printing plate, convenient and quick / easy to change.
7.     Station (axis) UV drying /desiccation
8.     The machine is controlled by low voltage appliance, as well as PLC. The whole machine is total closed, furnished with large viewing window so as to watch the running condition of each part directly. 

III Technical file
   When machine is output, instructions book, acceptance certificate and packing list is necessary. 

IV Main configuration
No.    Device                             Quantity       Brand or producer      Superior
1       Electrical motor                    1              Xiangfan                    Principal machine
2       Transducer                           1              Mitsubishi                 Principal machine
3       Gear reducing motor              4              Beijing VTV              Color Plate
4       Gear reducing motor              3              Beijing VTV 
5       Pneumatic components       Several        Xinyi  
6       AC contactor                      Several        Tianshui 213  
7       Switch                               Several        Tianshui 213  
8       Button                               Several        Tianshui 213  
9       Synchrony Belt                  Several         Ningbo  
10     Axletree                             Several         Hazhou  
11     Optical                                                  Korean  
12     UV light                                1               Beijing  
13     Corona treater                       1               Wuxi  
14     Compressor                          1               Shanghai  
15     Vacuum machine                  1                Zhejiang  



Gracias por la oportunidad de poderle asesorar en sus proyectos!