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1991 Cincinnati Milacron Modelo VH850-232 oz.  

Usada año 1991 Cincinnati Milacron Modelo VH850-232 oz.
Con control Microprocesador CAMAC XTL.

Tiro maximo (232oz en PS ) equivalente a ( 6.577 grs en PS)
Clamp Stroke         51.97 (in)
Max Daylight          75.59 (in)
Min Mold                23.62 (in)
Platens                  66.14 x 58.07 (in)
Between tie bars     45.28 x 37.40 (in)  

The machine has core pull and independent circuit.

As-Is, Where-Is, No Warranties offered.  

           Precio Total Ex-Works USA...............US$98,500

(precio sujeto a previa venta) mas gastos de movimiento, embalaje y transporte a puerto de USA.



Extrusora Doble Tornillos Conicos
 para tubos de PVC de
Compuesto en polvo.

USED 2002 – Draiswerk Inc Gelimat Ultra High Speed                     (ETI #1000)
Thermo kinect Mixing, Fluxing and Compounding Machine

Model G – 25 S,316,
Stainless steel.
Nominal volume 25 liter, batch size 20 pounds.
Approximate 16 ” wide x  11” long jacketed clamshell design chamber,
  cored mixing paddle.
Top feed with hopper, botton discharge with slede gate.
Drive by a 300 hp, 3/60/575 volt, 1785 rpm motor.
Includes a Cutler - Hammer Power Pro Panel Mate and ABB panel.
Base mounted.
Built 2002.
               Price Ex-work USA …………….. US$149,000   obo


825  US tons HUSKY  "HIGH SPEED".   Injection Molding Machine.    (ETI #1000)
Model LX750 RS120/100.  Mfg 1996.

REDUCED ! Price Ex-Works USA................US$ 49,000

825 ton US,   (750 ton metric). 108 oz (3062 grams) shot  inj. capacity. 
-with Dual accumulators for high speed injection. 
460 volts electrics. 
Extended Maximum daylight 86.6" 
Mold height 43.3" 
Space between bars 44.5"  x 44.5" 
Clamp stroke 43.3"     
-hydromechanical high speed blocking system.  
-with single accumulator for high speed clamp movement.
Raised base for part drop capabilities.


Used 1996 Gerosa3 re-heat & stretch blow molding machine.  (ETI #1000)

Capable of running .250 to 1.50 liter containers with throughputs up to 3000bottles/hour,
For 2 liter throughput up to 2400 bottles/hour, 3 cavity.
Controls are SCS-Static Control Systems
Mitsubishi frequency control, 400 volt, Class 380 or 460 volt, 50/60 hz.
Total hours 5000.
With pre-form dumper and feeder,
Gaylord style.

Price Ex-Works USA...................... US$ 120,000


USED 1998 Cincinnati Milacron 220 ton Model VT220-20      (ETI#1000)

Injection Molding Machine, 20 oz.
Tie bar spacing 21.2" x 19.2"
Platen size 30.9" x 33.1"
May daylight 38.7"
Ejector stroke 3.9"
Dimensions: 250" long x 67" wide x 89" high
Camac VSX control, HKO, CP

           Price Ex-Works USA............................US$ 47,500


GoldStar  Model  IDE1760HM                  (ETI #18000)   

Year: 2000  
Clamp Style: Hydraulic  2-Platen Machine clamp
Tonnage: 1760 ton  
Daylight: Min: 31.5" Max: 126"
Shot Size: 340 oz.  
Barrel and Screw Condition: Very Good
Tie Bar Dist (H x V): 63" x 55.1"  
Core Pull Sequences: Yes
Platen Size (H x V): 84.6" x 76.8"  
Material Run: PP/PS
Types of Controls: Hicom 500  
Machine Condition: Very Good
Voltage: 460     
Dimension (L x W x H): 39.4' x 12.2' x 10.2'  

                  Price Ex-Works  USA........US$169,900  OBO


1999 Van Dorn Caliber 1100CC165 1100 Ton. Press          (ETI# 8000)

Platen Size: 90.6" x 78.8"
Tie Bar Spacing: 51.1" x 45.27" 
Mold Thickness: 20.9"-95.7"

Equipped with:
Pathfinder 3000 control 
Tonnage: 1100  
Shot Size: 165

         Price Ex-Works USA ......... U$189,500 (includes the Servo Robot)


One Used ENGEL ES1300/300                       (ETI #1000)

Tonnage...............300 Ton
Shot Size.............24.3 oz
Platen Size...........35.6" x 35.6"
Tie Bar Spacing.......25.04" x 25.04"
Clamp Stroke..........23.62"
Min/Max Daylight......7.87"/49.5"
Min/Max Mold..........7.87"-24.02"
Ejector Sroke.........7.87"
Electrics.............460 Volt

Equipped With CC-100 Microprocessor Control
Air Blow
Loaded with other options
Low Hours, Only 9861 Hours.
Year 1996. 

                      Price Ex-Works USA……..…….US$94,000


One Used ENGEL VC-750/200 Tech 200 Ton Tiebarless 12.7 oz        (ETI #1000)

D2 through-hardened chrome screw Xaloy 102 barrel
EC-100 Controls
Core Pull,
Robot Interface
Year 2005 

                        Price Ex-Works USA…………..US$150,000


 One Used ENGEL VC-1050/240                              (ETI #1000)                             

VC-1050/240 Tech 240 Ton Tiebarless 19.7 oz
D2 through-hardened chrome screw Xaloy 102 Barrel
EC-100 Controls
Year 2005 

                       Price Ex-Works USA...................US$195,000


EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY !                                                 (ETI #11000)
Attached is a photo of a beautiful  CINCINNATI  MILACRON  

Model  MH 500 ton 54  oz 
New in 2000
Low hours !  

                         Price  Ex-Works USA...........Rebajada a $ 108,000 

One (1) Used plastic film reclaim line new 1994  
  with 6"/3.5" Davis Standard extruder model 350/600,  
  30:1 L/D ratio, vented, 150 HP DC motor and SCR drive,  
  100 RPM screw speed, with Extek screen changer and  
  Gala model SLC 6 underwater pelletizer, TWS 60 water system.  

                  Price  Ex-Works USA .................................U$135,900


Cincinnati VT 725-140                                                                   (ETI #1000) 
Tonnage :  725 tons    
Shot size :  140 oz   (3969gr)   
Distance Between Tie Bars  :   38.19" x 38.19"   
Platen Size   :   56.5" x 60.3"   
Max Daylight  :   78.7"   
Min/Max Mold   :   11"/39.4"   
Equipped With:  
 Camac 486 Control,   
 H ydraulic knock off   
 C ore pull   
Yr 1998. Weight  : 102,000 lbs,   
Dimensions :  426" x 103" x 114" 

                           Price  Ex-Works USA .........................  $169,000


 Just listed for sale! Engel Model TG2050/400, 400 ton, 27.5 oz.,          (ETI #7000)
toggle clamp, horizontal machine, CC100 control, 
only 7,500 hours.   
Installed new in 2004.  

Machine is loaded with options and features:   * Quick mold mounting system                         
* Dual corepulls on moving platen* 8 zone mold heat control                                 
* 3 position hydraulic hopper slide* Increased torque screw drive                         
* Closed loop control feedthroat temp* Bimetallic barrel                                                  
* Spirex stainless Pulsar screw* Ceramic heater bands                                       
* Ammeters for heat zones* Power factor capacitor                                      
* Acoustic alarms*  and even more........ 

                                   Total Price Ex-Works USA ............US$  144,000  


Granulador destrozador para trabajo pesado                                   (ETI #1000) 
DreherBrokenmuehlen, Tipo S42/100GF RS.                       

Constuido en material Acero carbon para las partes
que hacen contacto con el material a moler.
Tamaño de la Garganta:  HxV (1000mm x 420mm)
Diametro del rotor:  420mm
Largo del rotor:   1000mm  
No. de Cuchillas en el rotor:  8
No. de Cuchillas en la cama:  2
Motor de 55.5HP (37kwa)
Voltage: 380v/3/50hz Incluye estructura de soporte con 6 patas mas
sistema de soplador evacuador y ciclon recolector
como se aprecia en fotos aqui adjuntas.

Molino Especial para la molienda de partes gruesa,
tortas, purgas, Capaz de moler pedazos de 100 kg sin 
necesidad de precortado.

Capacidad estimada de molienda: 500-1800 kg/hora

                               Precio Ex-Bodega Alemania.............US$24,900


USED Weima 2001 WLK10 shredder/grinding system with conveyor and lock metal detector                                                                                          (ETI #1000) 

Consisting of: (1) Model WLK10 single shaft shredder,  30" x 38" feed throat with hopper,
approx 1.5 square meter capacity,
14" diameter x 38" wide rotor with bolt-on blades,
horizontal hydraulic ram feed.
Shredder driven by a 37 kw (50 hp), 3/60/480 volt motor. 
Includes one hopper Extension.

(1) Model NZ6S grinder,  24" diameter x 31" wide
10 bolt-on staggered blade closed rotor.
Tilt back pelican feed hopper,
approx 5/8" diameter screen holes.
Driven by a 30 kw (40 hp), 3/60/460 volt motor.
Bottom screw discharge. 

(1) Unit includes a 22" wide x 80" long x 102" incline plastic belt conveyor,
driven by a 1/2 hp gearmotor,
with a (1) Lock Metal Chek 30, 24" wide x 7" tall aperture. 
Control panels.

                              Price FOB Illinois USA.....................US$81,900


IDEAL PARA DECORAR BALDES INDUSTRIALES de 1 a 5  Galones. con  LOGOS,  LETREROS  o  ARTES COLORIDAS.   Modelo ETI-4C-OFFSET - Con  Velocidad de 1200 Baldes / Hora.-Cargado automatico de baldes-Pre-Flameado automatico-Secado automatico con UV.-Entrega de baldes automatico, parados de banda.

                  Price Ex-Works Shanghai, China….....…..US$163,900

I General technical requirements

 1.     Product specification
This type is the latest model printing machine, overprinting four color designs with mesh point above a hundred lines at a time. It is suitable for printing colorful pictures, letters and brands on the surface of circular cone plastic barrel container.
2.     Printing diameter
The mode for 3 pieces   ø160mm ~ ø 220mm
The mode for 1 piece    ø160mm ~ ø 310mm
3.     Maximum printing height:    288mm
4.     Bevel of barrel:   12º
5.     Maximum diameter of barrel rim: Ø368mm
6.     Height of barrel:   Between 150~380mm
7.     Maximum printing speed: 1200 parts per hour
8.     Total output: 18.6kw
9.     machine dimension:    5700×4700×2650mm

II General Structure requirements

1.     Automatic feed horizontally.
2.     Corona treating is applied on the surface; it can also be fixed with static eliminating equipment.
3.     When 3 pieces shift rubber turning to 1 piece, just press the button to change driving velocity.
4.     Each printing unit is controlled by independent motor, and ink density is regulated conveniently.
5.     This machine is furnished with inker up and down, it is credible to daub and control, right angle when opened.
6.     This machine is equipped with special printing plate, convenient and quick / easy to change.
7.     Station (axis) UV drying /desiccation
8.     The machine is controlled by low voltage appliance, as well as PLC. The whole machine is total closed, furnished with large viewing window so as to watch the running condition of each part directly. 

III Technical file
   When machine is output, instructions book, acceptance certificate and packing list is necessary. 

IV Main configuration
No.    Device                             Quantity       Brand or producer      Superior
1       Electrical motor                    1              Xiangfan                    Principal machine
2       Transducer                           1              Mitsubishi                 Principal machine
3       Gear reducing motor              4              Beijing VTV              Color Plate
4       Gear reducing motor              3              Beijing VTV 
5       Pneumatic components       Several        Xinyi  
6       AC contactor                      Several        Tianshui 213  
7       Switch                               Several        Tianshui 213  
8       Button                               Several        Tianshui 213  
9       Synchrony Belt                  Several         Ningbo  
10     Axletree                             Several         Hazhou  
11     Optical                                                  Korean  
12     UV light                                1               Beijing  
13     Corona treater                       1               Wuxi  
14     Compressor                          1               Shanghai  
15     Vacuum machine                  1                Zhejiang  


Sistema Completo para producir y decorar tapas de 28mm PCO.
Produccion de 600 tapas  por minuto.

USED Year 2001  Vecoplan- Retech                                              (ETI # 1000)

Single Rotor Shredder, Model RG32U/20HP
Hopper 32" wide x 40" long cutting area,
1.5 cu yard hopper volume.
10" diameter rotor
20    Concave design four way index able cutters.
Rotor driven by a 20 hp, 440v/3/60hzt,  1755 rpm motor.
Hydraulic ram driven by a 1.5 hp, 400-480/3/50-60hz, 1390 rpm motor.
Comes with two control panel.
Manufactured 2001.

                               Price Ex-Works USA……………..US$24,600


1985 - USED Uniloy blow molder     Model  350R2.                            (ETI #5000)
          4 HEAD  gallon dairy type machine                 


 Part picking fingers 100 hp Siemens AC drive system Uniloy touch screen controls Rotex clamping, clamp 34" x 15" Hopper and drawer magnet Material loading system Omron digital temperature controls Uniloy 4 lane cooling bed Uniloy 10039 single station trim station New plastic trim buckets AIS single station leak detector Scrap blow back system. 

                         Price Ex-Works USA……………..US$189,500


Una Sopladora Cincinnati Milacron Modelo E90-S-10#                    (ETI #2000)
Nueva en 1993.

Extrusor de 90mm  (125hp)
Relación 24:1
Un Cabezal acumulador de 10 libras
Para dados y pins de entre 3”a 10”
Platinas de 40”altura por 37”de ancho (40”x37”)
Tonelaje de prensa: 50 tons

Maquina esta conectada y se puede ver en operación.
                 Precio ExFabrica….USA…………US$69,900  (sujeta a previa venta)


Sopladora Hayssen Econoblow Modelo 75-S-2500                            (ETI #1000)

* Un Acumulador de 2.5 kilos de capacidad de tiro de manga.
* Cabezal acumulador estilo FIFO (First In- First Out) 
   (cabezal estilo primera resina que entra – primera resina que sale)
* Control de espesor de manga de 25 puntos Marca MOOG.

Maquina equipada con:
-Brazo extractor de partes
-Mecanismo de Pin de soplado inferior ajustable 
 para calibración de cuello de envases.
-Tornillo extrusor de 75mm  24:1 LD
-Prensa de 50 tons (445kN)
-Distancia entre barras de 610mm X 610mm
-Dimensión de platinas: 860mm x 990m
-Recorrido de prensa: 508mm
-Máximo diámetro de dado extrusor:  203mm
-Motor 60hp  230/460v/3/60hz.

La maquina poco tiempo antes de ser desconectada se le habían
hecho bastantes mejoras y reacondicionado casi totalmente.
año original de la maquina 1979; pero se podría decir que
con su reacondicionamiento es una maquina de aprox. 1995.

                     Precio Ex Bodega Norte de USA…….US$53,900

Nota: Maquina debe caber en un furgon de 40 pies  High Cube.


1992 - Inyectora Usada HUSKY   550 Tons.                                          (ETI #1000)
Proveniente de una fabrica de articulos Medicos.
Modelo RS85170
Capacidad de inyeccion:  1,917 cm3 
Distancia entre barras:   711mm x 711mm 

                                     Precio Ex Fabrica USA…….US$59,000


Tres (3) Inyectoras de alta velocidad de inyeccion                        (ETI #12000)
Marca  Sumitomo Model SG75H-MIIA  
Fabricacion 1995
Excelente estado, como nuevas! ! ! 

Model:  SG75H-MIIA
Size: 75 tons
Shot Size: 2.9oz (82.2  grams)
Clamp Stroke Max: 11.8"
Max Daylight:
Tie Bars: 14.1" x 14.1"
Controls:  8M-II
Clamp Type:  Hydraulic toggle
Voltage:  460
Location: USA 

                                  Price Ex-Works USA…….US$$29,900 each


Dos Inyectoras de Alta Velocidad de inyeccion con Acumuladores    (ETI #12000)
Para inyeccion de partes con pared delgada.
2  Sumitomo Modelo SG180M  High Speed machines

Fabricación. 1997       198 US TONS
Unidad de inyeccion C-560 con tornillo de 40mm
Capacidad de inyeccion: 6.7 oz ( 190 gramos)
Tamano de platinas: 29.53” x 29.53” ( 750mm x 750mm)
Distancia entre barras: 20.08” x 20.08” (510mm x 510mm)
Altura de molde (Min/Max): 7.87” / 19.69” (200 mm / 500mm)Una maquina con  34,436 horas y otra con 44,300 horas. 

Maquinas en excelentes condiciones; con excelente mantenimiento
Provenientes de FujiFilm Microdisks. - A1A Japon Company
                        Precio unitario Ex-Fabrica USA………..US$39,900 c/u


(2) USED 700 TON,89.6 OZ VAN DORN INJECTION                              (ETI #8000)
    ** NEW 1999 ** 


TONNAGE:                    700 TON
SHOT SIZE:                  89.6 oz
MAX. CLAMP STROKE:          44"
PLATEN DIMENSIONS:          62" X 53.5"
DIST. BETW. TIE RODS:H      45" X 36.5"
MIN.MOLD HEIGHT:            16"
EJECTOR STROKE:             6"





Used Rapid Granulator -  Model 24422RS.                                    (ETI #1000)

24" x 42" opening, semi-closed 4 section staggered rotor.
Slanted blades for scissor cutting action.
20 rotor blades, 3 bed knives.
Hinged screen cradle.
Air cylinder assisted.
Front loading feed hopper.
Hinged for easy access to cutting chamber.
Air cylinder assisted.
100 hp motor.
230/460V, 3 phase, 60 hz TEFC.
Mfg 1989.
In very good condition.

                              Price Ex- Works, USA………………US$69,900


USED CUMBERLAND GANULATOR, MODEL 50F (Film grinder & Fiber designed for rolls, haystack slabs & films, fibers)

Here is another opportunity at a low cost.                                          (ETI #1000)

Find below some pictures of the Cumberland 50F Grinders. The pictures show thw grinders in sepate pieces. Grinders had been used on PET film  only and are in excellent condition.

* Used Cumberland Granulator, model 50F. 20'x 50'opening, new feed hopper, 8 knife solid rotor ( balanced rotor; 4 sets of the 8 blades can be removed and the grinder is ideal for purge grinding), 2 bed knives, grinder housing is water jacketed to allow for cooling during film grinding, 150 HP motor, with motor starter.
No blower or cyclone (but blower can be quoted separately)

Price includes 2 complete sets of new blades.

                           Price FOB NC ......................US$66,000.00

** There are two 50Fs available. If both werw purchased, the price would be only US$125,000.00 or best offer, and include four complete sets of blades. Subjecto to prior sale.


     MOLDING MACHINE - MODEL VH300-36 - NEW 1994                    (ETI # 8000)

TONNAGE:                  300 Tons
SHOT SIZE:                    36oz 
CLAMP STROKE:           29.9"
PLATEN SIZE:            39.37" X 39.37"
TIE BAR SPACING:        27.17" X 27.17"
MAX. DAYLIGHT:          42.13"
MIN MOLD HEIGHT:        6.10" with spacer
MIN. MOLD HEIGHT:       7.9"

                           Price Ex-Works …………………….US$43,500


1000 Ton, 288 Oz Cincinnati-Milacron Injection Molding Machine 
Model: VL-1000-288 Vista New: 1996  Wide-Platen!                            (ETI #9000) 

            Platen Size .......................... 79" x 63" 
            Distance Between Tie Bars .. 60" x 44" 
            Clamp Stroke ....................... 48" 
            Maximum Daylight ............... 92.50" 

             Equipped With: 
               Wide-Platen Design 
               Camac 486 Control 
               Stationary Aux Eject 
               288 Oz. Injection Unit 
               Dual Core-Pull 
               41" Parts Drop 
               4 Stage Air Eject 
               Increased Injection Rate (207 GPM) 
               Water Package 

                            Price Ex-Works………………US$189,500.00


Cincinnati Milacron Modelo Vista VT440-68oz                                (ETI#11000)
440 Toneladas / 1930 gramos de inyección  Año 1991
Excelentes condiciones.
Platen Size ........................ …….39.48" X 39.37"
Distance Between Tie Bars ........28.90" X 28.90"
Maximum Daylight ..................... 53.15"
Clamp Stroke ............................. 25.60"
Equipped With:
Camac  Closed-Loop Process Control
Core Pull
Hydraulic Knockouts
68 oz Injection Unit            Precio Ex-Bodega USA………….US$39,900


One 1/2 gallon dairy  molding  machine.                                       (ETI #5000)
Uniloy Model 5610 (4) Head Reciprocating Screw                                                    
Blow Molding Machine

- Head configuration- 4 heads
- Was producing 1/2 gallon milk bottles (no molds included)
   - Uniloy cooling bed
   - Uniloy trim station
- Controls- Relay controls.
- Condition- Very good-  located in Lousiana

                       Price Ex-Works ……………………….US$34,500


1998 Atlas Copco Air Compressor                                                     (ETI #5000)
        Model GA-110W

- Tornillo Rotativo
- 150-HP. Drive
- 110 PSI
- 650 CFM

Muy  buenas condiciones !!!  Pocas Horas !!!

                                    Price Ex-Works ………………US$19,500


SOPLADORAS DE PREFORMAS PET:                                              (ETI #2000)

(1) 1988 KRUPP B80 capable of capable of 
     10,000 plus bottles per hour 10 cavity. 
                   Price Ex-Works……..US$ 199,000.00  

 (1) 1989 KRUPP B80 capable of 
      10,000 plus bottles per hour, 10 cavity.   

                   Price Ex-Works…….US$ 199,000.00  

(1) 1996 KRUPP B111 capable of 
     10,000 to 12,0000 bottles per hr, 10 cavity.  
                  Price Ex-Works …….US$ 315,000.00  

(1) 1999 KRUPP/ SIG BLOWMAX 10 capable of 
     10,000 to 13,000 bottles    per hour, 10 cavity.  
                  Price Ex-Works………..US$ 475,000.00          

(1)  BELLIS & MORCOM WH29N3H 400 hp 
      approx. 1,100 CFM High Pressure                          
      Air Compressor 600 psi.   
                   Price Ex-Works............US$170,000.00



(ETI #5000)                                                                (ETI #5000)

Accumulator Head- 75 TO 2 1/2 Pounds                             20 to 200 Tons 

- 1989 Sterling 35 Pound BMM                                   - 1977 Battenfeld 120 Ton IMM

- 1991 Hartig Dual 20 Pound BMM’s                            - 1999 Nissei 154 Ton IMM

- 1996 Cincinnati Milacron Dual 8 Pound BMM             - 1996 Cincinnati 165 Ton IMM 

Continuous Extrusion                                                           201 to 300 Tons

- Bekum H-155, H-151, H-121 BMM’s                             - 1999 Netstal 225 Ton IMM

- Fischer 106-1 BMM                                                     - 1999 Nissei 237 Ton IMM

- Rocheleau CS-1 BMM                                                 - 1998 Husky 250 Ton IMM

PET One Step                                                                         301 to 500 Tons

- (2) 1998 Nissei PF6-2B BMM’s                                   - 1996 Nissei 397Ton IMM(0 hrs)  

-  Aoki SBIII-1000L-150, SBIII 500LL-75 BMM’s             - 1995 Van Dorn 500 Ton IMM

PET Two Step                                                                        501 to 700 Tons

- Sidel SBO 24, 10, 6, 4, 2 BMM’s                                - 1991 Husky 550 Ton IMM

- Krupp Corpoplast 16H, B66 BMM’s                             - 1995 Van Dorn 700 Ton IMM 

- 1998 Mag SSB 20                         

Reciprocating Screw                                                             701 ton and Greater

- Uniloy 350R2 (4) Head BMM                                      - 2000 Krauss Maffei 717 Ton IMM 

- 1995 Liberty RS 3500 (10) Head BMM                        - 1998 Engel 1000 Ton IMM

Injection Blow                                                                       PET Preform IMM’s

- 1990 Jomar 115 BMM                                               - 1992 Husky XL300 330 Ton IMM  

- 1980 Uniloy/Rainville 70-3 BMM                           - 1981 Cincinnati Milacron 500Ton IMM

Gracias por la oportunidad de poderle asesorar en sus proyectos!